Steps to Travel with Us

1. Choose one of the tours or design a tailor made tour which mostly fits you.

2. Strongly recommend you read "Terms and Conditions" before booking the tour.

3. Deposit a certain amount of your tour fee to secure your booking, and then sign the tour contract with us.

4. keep yourself in touch with your travel advisor to see if there is any change or not, and declare whether you agree with the change or not.

5. Make the balance payment if in Group tour on any day prior to your departure, or make sure you pay it if in Private tour upon your arrival date.

6. Keep in record of your advisor's cell phone number while you are on the way to Tibet, just in case of emergency.

7. Check your tour programm with that of your tour guide to see if any misunderstanding exists. Contact your travel advisor if you want any changes.

8. Enjoy yourself while in the tour.

9. Send us your trip comments on our service to help improve our quality, and also help other tourists while they are making decisions to select a Tibet travel agency. Furthermore, let's share your photos taken in Tibet.

We appreciate your business and strive to offer you the best vacation experience.

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