Tour Code: ATT-N-20846-140205

Customer name(s): Jana

Nationality: SVK

Travel date: 5th -9th Feb

Itinerary: Holy city tour with one day to Yamdork lake

Tour Code: ATT-N-20846-140205


Dear Nancy,


I feel embarrased that I am answering only now but another couple of weeks of travelling and the beginning of the next semester at the university made me really busy.


However, me and Olaf wanted to thank you for the amazing trip we had in Tibet! The organization was simply excellent, thank you for a very quick and informative communication from your side. Many thanks go also to our guide, Danluo as well as to our driver; both of them acted very professionally and kindly towards us. It was really great that our guide was of the Tibetan origin, providing us with a unique cultural insight and first-hand information. His English language skills were just perfect and the communication with him very pleasant. The only point we were a bit disappointed about was the trip to Yamdrok lake as we expected the hiking at the lake side to be included in the trip (instead of just driving to a viewpoint and taking pictures). Even though we realized afterwards (due to our inexperience in this matter) that the problem might have been solved by discussing it directly on the spot with the driver and the guide, we reckon that it would have been better if the content of the trip was more precisely clarified by the agency beforehand.


All in all, however, we were very glad to travel with your agency and we shall certainly recommend it to other travellers or use your services again if the opportunity arises.


(Sure you can use any part of this short evaluation on your website or in travel forums :) )


Best regards,


Jana Midriakova

Tour Code: TT-V-5070

Hi Violet,

I just want to thank you for all your efforts in giving us a fantastic experience in Tibet.
We enjoyed the train up and felt that it helped us to acclimatize well. Lhasa is a lovely city
and we really enjoyed looking around before and after the tour ended.

The tour was very good, and our guide Pasang was extremely well informed and shared
many stories about Tibetan customs, culture and history. He was a very friendly person who worked
 tirelessly to help us to enjoy our stay in his country. He helped me personally taking me to the local hospital
when a drain cover gave way under me.
The moment of the tour for me was arriving at Rongbruk monastery and seeing the summit of Mt Everest.

The hotel in Lhasa ( Yak ) and in Shigatse were very good, comfortable, with hot bath and a good breakfast.
My only concern was the guesthouse in Shergar. The rooms were very cold and the water even colder.
We had the misfortune of the hotel having a disco which went on until 5am. I think perhaps you should
consider using a different location.

Once again many thanks for all your work, I will recommend your agency to anyone who wishes to do this tour.


Tour Code: TT-JA-4871

Hello Janet,

I would like to thank you so much for all that you did for us about Lhasa tour!
Everything was perfect, permit was arrived in time, train tickets, flights and our guide Tsetan was very good!
I already posted about your agency services (excellent and highly recommend it) to the most visited travel forums astripadvisor, lonelyplanet, travelstories....
If you want to write something more wherever you want, just inform me.
Thanks again, we are very lucky for finding you before the trip!

Have a good time to your life,
giannis stavridis

Tour Code: TT-JA-5398

Dear Janet,

I would like to thank you and your team for a wonderful tour setup. Begging with your professionalism, warm support and willingness to make our group tour successful one.

And great thanks to Dhargye our tour guide who took care of whole group and especially myself during a night of vomiting. He and Mr. Namla- the driver were superb.

I will send you some photos separately. Feel free to use them on your company's website. Am happy to give references as required.

Warm regards,

Tour Code: TT-N-4947-131001

Hi Nancy,

We really loved the tour and had such a wonderful time! Pasang was a wonderful tour guide!

The hotels were all very nice and we appreciated the refund when one of our hotels was unavailable. It was easy to book and your team was awesome. It was really nice to receive that call from you checking up on us - thank you! Great tour with a great price!

I think my only suggestion would be to highlight more that there were flight options from Shigatse. I know it said on our daily itinerary but I missed it, so perhaps make it clear "e.g. RKZ has morning flights to Chengdu, etc." That would have been really helpful. For some reason I thought that Lhasa was my only airport option.

Also, it would be awesome if the bus had a bathroom on it!

Other than that, it was perfect :) I didn't take too many tour photos but attached are a couple.

Take care,

Tour Code: TT-S-4526

Hello Stella,

Ashley has just returned to the UK and told me how kind  and helpful you have been.  I just wanted to thank you and to tell you how much it was appreciated by us all.

If my husband and I ever travel that way I will be sure to get in touch with you and your organisation!

Ashley said that staying in Chengdu was actually his favourite thing of the entire trip!

So, thank you once again.


Tour Code: TT-S-5290
Good Afternoon Stella
It was very exciting experience for mr Fabbri and ms Bettini, 
they write me every week and was very happy for hotel location and driver and guide,  
I write you soon the impression, but I need to translate in english it's very long good report.
Best regards
Marianna Tassinari 

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