Ways of payment

Your eventual and actual payment to us means that you have agreed and accepeted the Terms and Conditions.***

Thank you for choosing Tibet Travel Dot com as your tour operator. There are three ways to pay for the deposit payment:

1. by credit card

It is very convenient to pay us by your credit card.We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, Diners. If you prefer to pay by your c.c., please follow the following steps:

1) Please find the credit card payment authorization form attached (word format,download here)

2) Fill your VALID credit card information (card type, number, card holder’s name, billing address and card holder’s signature, etc.) in the credit card authorization form

3) Scan the authorization letter and a copy of your passport and email to me, or if it is inconvenience for scanning, you can also fax the necessary documents to us at: +86 28 87562424 and label out the attendant of your trip advisor's name as well as you tour code on the fax papers.

4) Please scan your credit card (both the front page and the back page), then send to me through email or by fax.

5) After we receive your fax, we will acknowledge the receipt by sending you an email, and then we will send it to Bank of China which will help us get your payment from your credit card issuing bank.

Important Notes:
The rules of Tibet (China) Government do not allow us to charge in foreign currencies. Credit card payments charged in CNY are based upon the prevailing rates in China. Your card issuing bank will debit you in local currency and Tibet Travel Dot Com will have no control on the rate of conversion used by your card company. The result is that the amount charged from your credit card might be slightly different from the amount on the credit card authorization form.

2. Wire Transfer

Our company bank information is as follows:

Bank Name: Bank of China, Tibet Branch
Beneficiary: Tibet Skyline International Travel Service, Inc.
Beneficiary A/C No: 138802591376

Address and Contact Information of BOC:
TEL: (86) 891-6833210
FAX: (86) 891-6832796
POST CODE: 850000

Address and Contact Information of Lhasa Head Office:
TEL: (86) 891-6817272
FAX: (86) 891-6830371
POST CODE: 850000

***After you sent the money through your bank, please scan the receipt of the payment provided by the bank and email to me or fax it to us at: (86)28-87562424 and label out the attendant of your trip advisor's name as well as you tour code on the fax papers, thanks in advance!

3. Paypal

Our company’s email for paypal account: paypal@tibettravel.com

Click on the symbol, you will be led to a PayPal secure site to make payment. If you are already a PayPal member, just follow the direction to pay; if not, you can sign up on Paypal easily, and for free.

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

Note: When either PayPal or TibetTravel Dot Com has reason to believe that the payment you made is fraudulent, we reserve the right to hold your bookings and require another method of payment. 

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