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Standing on a sun-kissed beneath the towering, venerable Everest; drifting smells of incense and chanting monks bouncing off the stone streets of Barkhor; circling the sacred, turquoise pearl, Lake Manasarovar; or a holy circuit around the center of the Earth, Mt. Kailash… Discovering a new, unforgettable place and something new inside ourselves is the reason why we travel. At Tibet Travel Dot Com we are the online business leaders exploring the mystical, boundless lands on the roof of the world, where there is always something to be discovered.

Since 1991, Tibet Travel Dot Com has been the leading travel agent, providing unforgettable adventures to the unspoiled lands of Tibet. Located in Lhasa, we are one of the few companies certified to arrange direct bookings for any destination in Tibet. Our prices are affordable and our service quality is secure, trusting, and reliable. We are dedicated travelers seeking to share the places that we live, work, and play. Our goal is to leave you with an authentic cultural connection that stretches the boundaries of ordinary, so you do gain a deeper awareness of the lands and yourself.

Specifically, Tibet Travel Dot Com specializes in offering more cost-efficient small group tours to the most scenic places in Tibet, but we also offer custom package tours to almost everywhere in Tibet. Have a place in mind? A dream unfulfilled? An unsettled adventure trek? We can arrange the perfect trips and satisfy any passion for discovery. We offer a bounty of untold pleasures and personal enrichment.

At Tibet Travel Dot Com our experienced and trusted tour guides are all Tibetans, so they can share their unique and intimate knowledge of the lands and the culture. Their contagious positive attitude will imbibe you with the friendly, lively spirit of the Tibetan people, which leaves every traveler invigorated and smiling. And, all of our bilingual sales and support staff take pride in providing all tourists with the necessary information for easy and safe travel in Tibet.

We also offer you another guarantee: 100% of your money back if we fail to complete any part of the contract unless it is due to the causes beyond our control like natural disasters or government events, or due to the changes you asked or agreed at. We are committed to providing the highest quality service and are confident we will meet and break your expectations. Many Tibetan travel agencies will have hidden surcharges, poor vehicles and equipment, or who’ll give last minute itinerary switches. Our comprehensive services are guaranteed safe and affordable. And, we are based in Lhasa so you know you are dealing directly with the travel agency, not a consulting or subsidiary company.

Life is contagious, and we want to share the wonders from the crown of the world. We are the most reputable, licensed company in Tibet. We are knowledgeable friends in the business of cultural discoveries. We want you to realize your dreams beneath this unspoiled sky.

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